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About EPIC Toledo

The Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce, under its strategic objective of human competitiveness, launched a young professional initiative, EPIC Toledo, in 2007. EPIC, which stands for engaging people, inspiring change, is based on the belief that a region that is influenced by diverse young professionals is a region that can attract and retain them.

The goal of EPIC Toledo is not only to help attract and retain diverse young talent but also to develop future business and community leaders.

Accelerate the influence of diverse emerging leaders in our region.

Connect high-potential emerging leaders to each other and the community.


  • Develop future business and community leaders.
  • Provide emerging leaders with a voice in the future of our region.
  • Attract and retain diverse young talent to our region.

EPIC Toledo is working hard to achievie these goals. The increasing influence of the young leaders in Toledo and and their zeal to further their careers in the Toledo Region is a source of great pride.

EPIC Toledo is comprised of a team of six officers, an Advisory Council (made up of at least 10 EPIC Toledo members) and staff.

We host annual events like the Birthday Bash, the quarterly Leading By Example Series, T-Town Dash, Board Fair, EPIC Toledo Summit, monthly socials and quarterly new member breakfasts because we know that the Toledo's young professional community is craving many opportunities to connect with the community and each other. 

More than a 1,500 people have joined EPIC already and more join every day. It’s becoming an EPICdemic!

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