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Ambassador Program

To create further outreach to new young professionals to our area, the EPIC Toledo Ambassadors Program was created. Who better to sell the region to young professionals new to the region than other young professionals who are engaged in the community and inspired to create change? The EPIC Toledo Ambassadors are EPIC members who want to welcome new professionals and to help engage them into the community. Through personal connections and interaction, new professionals can learn more about the region from their peers and create more affiliation with Northwest Ohio.

What is the EPIC Toledo Ambassadors Program?

  • The EPIC Toledo Ambassadors was formed by EPIC members to assist corporate members in not only attracting but retaining young talent to our region.
  • EPIC Ambassadors are professionals and community volunteers from diverse backgrounds with various interests and are involved in our community.
  • EPIC Toledo Ambassadors are committed to welcoming new individuals to the region by introducing them to the community, its resources and opportunities.
  • The Ambassadors provide opportunities to network and socialize through community tours, attending events, introduction to community leaders and service as a guide or mentor.
  • EPIC believes that once young professionals see, hear and touch our region, convincing them to move to or stay in the region won’t be hard at all.

How Does It Work?

  • A representative of a corporate member contacts EPIC Toledo providing information about the candidate they wish to participate.
  • EPIC staff matches the candidate with an EPIC member who meets the program qualifications and shares their interests.
  • The EPIC corporate member chooses a program option and a meeting is scheduled between the candidate/employee and the EPIC Ambassador.
  • EPIC Ambassadors are reimbursed for their pre-approved expenses by the corporate member through EPIC Toledo.

Questions? Click here to contact Sara Swisher, EPIC Toledo Director.

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