Jun 18, 2018

The Toledo Original – The HandleBar

Biking, great beer, being active and getting outside – how do these things all relate? Bicycle bars.

Bicycle Bars have been growing in popularity all over the country and we are thrilled that Toledo boasts the premier and largest experience in the state. The HandleBar Toledo has been rolling around town for just over a year and a half and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Something else we can’t wait to see – pictures from the winning team of T-Town Dash enjoying their complimentary 2-hour tour with The HandleBar Toledo, donated by Handlebar co-founder and EPIC member Tom Van Wingen.

The HandleBar Toledo is a fun & successful story of entrepreneurship that embodies the growth of Downtown Toledo. Van Wingen chose Toledo as his home specifically for the opportunities for business that he saw here. Starting as the sole employee with two bicycle bars back in September of 2016, in two short years he has grown the business to 11 employees and just introduced two additional bicycle bars to the fleet. For more on his story and how to use The HandleBar Toledo as a team-building exercise, check out this Member Feature on the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce website.

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